Partnership News – Welcome AVADA Commerce As Our New Partner!

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Press Release – Announcement New Partnership

We are glad to share great news of our agreement with AVADA Commerce partner to all our dearest clients!

Yesterday’s morning, on May 30, HappyPoints and AVADA had finally come to an agreement of partnership. The two parties are well-known as e-commerce experts in delivering technology solutions for e-com store owners worldwide. The agreement term of partnership will certainly become a strong foundation for HappyPoints and AVADA Commerce partner to create and to offer even more valuable solutions to online merchants.

About AVADA Commerce

AVADA Commerce Partner product info

AVADA Commerce is an e-commerce solution provider whose headquarter is based in Singapore. Founded in 2014, AVADA is responsible for completing the mission to help 1 million online businesses grow revenues. AVADA’s products and services focus on marketing automation including email marketing and store design.

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