BOGO Discount & Flash Sales – Introducing a new campaign type: Cart Conditional Discount

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Merchants and customers are both looking for more benefits. And DISCOS is here to do just that. Our team continuously develops new discount types to allow merchants to manage multiple campaign types in just one app. The latest feature is the Cart Conditional Campaign.

What is Cart Conditional Campaign?

If the customer makes a purchase or spends a certain amount, they get a discount offer. It’s that simple! 

The first version of Cart Conditional Discount includes a cart-value condition. If the customers have a cart total over a certain amount then a popup would appear and they will get to add a discounted product to their cart.

For example: Spend 500$ and get a scented candle for FREE

What are the benefits of Cart Conditional Discount?

With this campaign type, not only you can offer discounts to your customers, but also you can give them free gifts.

Online retailers that offer a discount with purchase, which is less than 50% of companies, believe that the added value of a free gift will inspire repeat purchases, increase brand loyalty, and stimulate social and word-of-mouth advertising

Free gift is also a good campaign type when it’s near a big shopping event. When the holiday shopping rush is on, and whether you’ve planned anything or not, a free gift with purchase is the perfect last-minute promotion you can quickly add to your Shopify store. Offer your customers something that’s relevant and you will see your AOV increase by a large margin.

Applying this campaign type the right way and you can turn your shoppers into “big spenders”!

Set up your first Cart Conditional Discount campaign right now, it’s easy!

You can set up your first flash sale campaign right now by creating a campaign in the “campaign tab” and choosing Cart Conditional Discount.

After that, you just need to specify the Minimum cart total to trigger the popup and the product offering.

By default, the discount value is 100% so you can easily create a free gift campaign. However, if you want to offer the gift at only a lower price but not free, feel free to change this field.

With Cart Conditional Discount, I am certain that your store sales will be boosted shortly.

So don’t hesitate to install and try out BOGO Discount & Flash Sales right now!
If you need further information on DISCOS, you can visit this site to learn more about its features.

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