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Cool feature: Multiple Shopify buy x get y at a time


Do you know that the top 10% high-performing popups had a 42.35% average conversion rate. According to Optimunk, half of the people who saw these pop ups on Shopify will click on the Checkout button. Also, 80% of online businesses rely on their promotion popup campaigns to elevate their sales! If you’re done correctly without interrupting your customer experience, such promotion popups, or in other words buy x get y  popups will convert 3.09% on average!

If you are in need of a smart solution to help you solve it quickly, let DISCOS help you achieve your goals! Put it simply this way, our DISCOS will let you set up several BOGO campaigns with different quantity breaks. 


What is exactly a quantity break? Does it relate to any Shopify buy x get y popups? 

Before getting to know our awesome feature, let’s jump first into the definition of quantity breaks? 

So what is a quantity break? – This is a condition when you can create a number of increasing discounts based on the quantity of a product your customers are buying. Let’s say if your customer buys 1 dress, she will get a ring at a 50% reduced price. Or when she purchases 5 camisole dresses, she will get 2 rings at the same discount price. This can apply to a single product or a bundle. In the Quantity Breaks admin, you can create quantity break groups by selecting which products to apply the breaks to, how much and what kind of discount, and finally the quantity to add to the cart for the break to trigger. 

Why do we build this buy x get y feature for your Shopify stores?

Applying a quantity pricing strategy to your Buy X Get Y campaign contributes to a significantly higher revenues per transaction. And setting multiple quantity breaks boost your customers’ buying in larger quantities, resulting in a great stream of revenues. 

BUT we’re sure if you want to add many quantity discounts at the same time, manual work will bother you, especially when you are stressfully dealing with other business duties. 

How does DISCOS solve this issue?

No worries! DISCOS will help you to solve this issue! By configuring your campaign condition, you are able to add several triggered products with offered discounts to display them either on product page or cart page or BOTH OF THEM!

And what makes DISCOS amazing is that it lets you set up multiple quantity discounts or TIER  at the same time with the same type of triggered products and offeres. By “Add a new tier”, you are able to set up a new tier with new triggered quantity and offered quantity. Plus, DISCOS gives you flexibility to choose a discount type either percentage, price or amount . 

For instance, you create a first TIER campaign that buys 2 dresses and gets 2 rings at a 50% discount price. Then you create another one that buys 3 units of the same type of dress and gets 2 rings at a 50% discount price. 

Once your setup is done, go to the storefront to check the magic!

Have you installed DISCOS yet? If yes, we are looking for your honest review in the Shopify App Store. If not yet, let’s sign in for our list of the first 100 early bird users that will get free access and 50% off for enterprise plans.

Just contact us if you need any support! We are a Happy team of 24/7 service!

I’m Thao! Thanks for reading! 😊

Free install DISCOS today!

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