DISCOS – Our brilliant upsell Shopify app to shoot up your sales!


HappyPoints is Hamsa’s Shopify development subsidiary that focuses on providing B2B services. Since 2017, we have successfully launched more than 300+ Shopify stores and collaborated with businesses from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and many Asian-Pacific countries. En route to provide better Shopify solutions to our customers together with improving our service quality, our team decided to expand our service to Shopify apps. And today, we are very pleased to announce to you guys our very first smart upsell app launchy called DISCOS.


I know It might sound to you like a DISCO party where you dress in a funky or sleek look! Like with crazy prints, silver boots or a tin foil material hat for a disco vibe! 

You’re right! After you have DISCOS, we are 100% sure that you will rocket your online sales very soon!

So what exactly our Shopify upsell DISCOS app is?

DISCOS is an all-in-one smart discount Shopify upsell app that allows merchants to manage multiple types of discount with smart options in a single app.

BOGO is a promotion campaign in which an item is offered at a reduced price when another item is purchased at full price . This is one of the most advantageous promotion campaigns that help businesses to increase their store conversion rate as well as customer retention rate. All online stores that want to rocket their sales must include this as an action in their catalog. 

What differs DISCOS from other BOGO apps?

DISCOS is ready to beat the market with its all-in-one functional app. During our journey to build DISCOS, our team walked in our Shopify clients’ shoes to understand their concerns. 


Our DISCOS offer you a room to set up multiple tiers to apply different promotion types based on quantity. And full of discount types such as percentage or amount. 


Well! If you are unsure about what you just heard, join our first list of 100 EARLY BIRD USERS to get free access to DISCOS and a discount of 50% for the enterprise plan in the future.

Want to learn more about what is included in DISCOS? Check out our features here!

Free install DISCOS today!

Check out app info in here.

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