Q2 Review of Smart Shopify BOGO & Flash Sales App


Shopify BOGO & Flash Sales in Q2, 2022

Half of the 2022 has gone by, it’s time for DISCOS – Shopify BOGO & Flash Sales App Q2 Review. As you might or might not have known, DISCOS have just launched early this summer – since May 2022, which means we only published our app 2 months ago. But with great efforts and restless tries, until the end of Q2, we’ve achieved for ourselves, for the first time, some milestones that we thought might take much more time to achieve.

Those milestones include first install, first 5-stars review, first support request, and even first uninstall. Each of the milestones has shown us a lesson, a way to improve DISCOS better for our users and future users. And today, we’re still striving to make our app better, greater and fitting merchants’ needs.

Our milestones infographic

Before welcoming the upcoming changes, we want to look back with you all the achievements that we were able to get in the last quarter. By sharing joy, we hope that all of our users can also receive a positive spirit to continue going on this path of growth with us during your store journey. And now, let’s dig in the recap for Q2 of 2022!

The results in just 2 months are truly amazed is that right? Well, it’s truly amazed to us. We are grateful to be able to help and serve all merchants around the world.

Support & Try App

I hope the above infographic gives you more details about our app and where we’re heading. We believe together with your help, we can grow strongly and achieve many great things. Thus, if you have any ideas for us to develop our product, don’t hesitate to let us know right away by chatting with us directly in the app.

You can also visit our helpdesk to get to know more about the app with documents. Or, if you’re more into video format, check out our latest tutorials right here!
One last thing, don’t forget to try out our app by installing app today!

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