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Every business has unique needs and those needs change over time. That’s why our Shopify developers are such an important part of HappyPoints team to build flexible app solutions to help you boost your business sales. Today, we are very happy to announce that our DISCOS app is officially published on Shopify App Store. It’s a Shopify smart upsell & discount app that enables you to automatically set up multiple buy x get y quantity breaks at a time. 

With so many specialized shopify quantity breaks apps to choose from, finding the proper one for your business can be such a challenge. Therefore, if you want to learn more about DISCOS, get to know first about its cool feature: updating multiple Shopify buy x get y quantity breaks. Lemme remind you again what a quantity break is? This is a condition when you can create a number of increasing discounts based on the quantity of a product your customers are buying.

Also, do not miss our latest article about Shopify bogo badge about our latest feature release.  DISCOS’s badge enables users to customize their bogo based on position and colors. You might want to choose either a badge with a round or rectangle shape, at the center, right or left position. Plus, you can also customize to solid or gradient color. 

Last but the least, wanna learn our journey to build DISCOS app? Explore our latest article about how to build DISCOS app!

We are offering our first 100 early bird users a 50% discount when app upgrades later. Join asap and our 24/7 service is more than welcome to support you!

It’s Thao! Thanks for reading!

Free install DISCOS today!

Check out app info in here.

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