Introducing Buy X Get X – BOGO discount on the next product item


In our article about Multiple Buy X Get Y at a time, we’ve introduced a feature to set up BOGO kind-of discounts for different products, which you can also create multiple levels of the promotion based on product quantity. And after a month launching DISCOS, we find out that not only you’d need BOGO campaign type for different products but sometimes, it will be a great deliverable promotion to upsell one or two specific products as well. Which is why today, we are happy to announce our newest feature – Buy X Get X.

What is BOGO – Buy X Get X?

As stated in a report by AMG, 67% of consumers confirmed that they preferred BOGO the most out of all discount promotions; 95% of participants in research admitted that they had taken benefits of BOGO promotions at least once. However, different from Buy X Get Y, our latest promotion type can allow you to upsell the next item of the same product based on its quantity in cart.

For example, you can create a campaign to allow customers to buy 1 t-shirt, and get the 2nd t-shirt for free.

Preview BOGO - Buy X Get X - Buy 1 T-shirt Get the 2nd one free

Why should you use BOGO – Buy X Get X of DISCOS?

If you use our BOGO Buy X Get X, not only that you can upsell cart quantities, and clear your inventory for specific products quickly. But also, you can set up different campaigns to target different customers to upsell specific products with BOGO Buy X Get X, or to cross sell products with BOGO Buy X Get Y.

Furthermore, the campaign editor for this type of campaign is also very easy to use. With only a few clicks, you can set up this campaign type for as many products you want to then launch it on your storefront.

Campaign editor of BOGO - Buy X Get X campaign in app

And with both Buy X Get Y and Buy X Get X types of promotion, I am certain that your store sales will be boosted shortly.

So don’t hesitate to install and try out DISCOS right now!
If you need further information on DISCOS, you can visit this site to learn more about its features.

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