Journey to build DISCOS – our Shopify BOGO app?

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In our previous article, we announced our DISCOS. Let me remind you of our DISCOS. It’s a Shopify upsell bogo or buy x get y smart app with multiple setup tiers based on quanitty. 

It has never been easy for our Shopify expert squad to figure out what users want and how much they are gonna tolerate for existing upsell apps in Shopify market. 

Being born with Agile methodology from the very first start, we applied the model of product development, from MVP to MMP and finalized it by MLP.

Keep scrolling down our article. We are sure you are going to love DISCOS because we built it with our devotional collaborations since months! 😊

It’s true! Since the very first start, our team spent months researching Shopify app users’ intents. We always asked ourselves what made users install any Shopify BOGO apps.

And finally, our team came up with using the model of MVP and MPP to more effectively generate our product development’s process. 

First Stage: MVP – Minimum Viable Product

A MVP -Minimum Viable Product by Eric Ries, is an prototype product version at the very early product development cycle, with least efforts to test a group of potential customers. Its purpose is to receive user feedback as quickly as possible; from there continue to improve the product without commiting a large amount of budget in the very early stage of product development. 

We first started by planning MVP aligned with our business objectives. At the time, we really wanted an upsell app that solves every existing complex BOGO setup issue. And our results turned out to be the setup of multiple BOGO quantity breakdowns that made users really annoyed.  For that reason, one of our experts raised an idea to let users set up a BOGO campaign with multiple quantity tiers at the same time. 

After a week of Shopify users testing our first trial version, we received quite a lot of feedback on what to improve in our next product development cycle. 

One of those feedback was a BOGO badge config. Based on Agile Methodology, we Kaizened very fast to reach the point of product improvement. Our experts brainstormed a list of ideas that allow badges to display at different types, positions and background color (solid or gradient).

Let’s be clear. We do not expect our MVP version to be a perfectly customizing product. It’s just a 1.0 version – a very starting version at the starting phase. At this phase, we just wanted to test, validate our assumptions and learn from disproven assumptions. And the most important thing is to learn from our customers’ feedback and validate who our customers are or what Shopify product to offer.

Our MVP stage stopped at providing smart Shopify Bogo apps with multiple tiers setup based on quantity along with a customizable Shopify bogo batch features. The total duration of MVP stage is one month since our first version was launched. 

At this point, we wanna shout out that WE ARE VERY HAPPY with our offerings to customers together with a bunch of positive feedback from them!

Second Stage: MMP – Minimum Marketable Product

We continue our MVP by extending to the next stage MMP – Minimum Marketable Product. Introduced by Mark Denne and Jane Cleland-Huang in their 2003 book Software by Numbers, A MMP version is the strategic next step in a product development path. Unlike a MVP, MMP is the released product to the market and delivers nice-to-have functionality to enhance user experience. 

At our initial development, we launched a BETA app version to test our idea. After collecting users’ feedback, we continue to develop our product into an advanced version. Unlike MVP, MMP also focuses on the user experience of the product and how it matches the customer expectations.

Our users’ feedback varied from minimum to advanced requirements. We therefore figured out that our target users want more than just some simple functions. They are in urgent need of an smart all-in-one functionality app that supports them in managing day-to-day upsell campaigns. 

What are the upgrading features?

We start upgrading our existing features into more advanced ones. In our next 2 months, we will release a SUPER smart app that integrate such brilliant functions, from manual to automation ones:

  • Campaign Report which shows top performing campaigns
  • Smart upsell with displaying upsell product on Product page and Cart page
  • Manual upsell with displaying manually upsell product on Product page and Cart page
  • Display campaign in cart drawer
  • Setup campaign schedule
  • Campaign countdown timer
  • Campaign A/B Testing


We will release such a brilliant and full-functioning app. You don’t need to install other single apps to solve these issues, but rely on us to solve it all!

Third Stage: MLP – Minimum Loveable Product

We know it’s too early to mention MLP – Minimum Loveable Product here and now. But just have a quick intro about it. 

“A Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) is an initial offering that users love from the start. It represents the minimum required for customers to adore a product, rather than merely tolerating it.”

Of course, we are developing our product to one being loved by our users. But first, launching our MMP DISCOS and seeing how our users benefit from it for their campaigns. 

After that, the MLP stage will be ready! For SURE!

But first, let’s take a selfie with DISCOS first! JOIN our First 100 early bird users to  get free access and 50% pricing off for paid plan!

Or talk to us how we can help!

It’s Thao! Thanks for reading!

Free install DISCOS today!

Check out app info in here.

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