Boost Loyalty: Top Shopify Free Gift App in 2023!


The world of e-Commerce is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. In 2023, with the fierce competition in the online marketplace, it’s crucial to leverage the best tools available to captivate your customers and drive conversions. That’s where Shopify free gift app comes in.

These innovative applications provide you with the ability to create compelling promotions and ultimately increase your bottom line. In this article, we will explore the top best Shopify free gift apps of 2023 together.

Get ready to discover the game-changing free gift apps that will revolutionize your online store in 2023? Let’s go!

1. BOGO+ Free Gift With Purchase by WizzCommerce

Free Gift Automation
  • Shopify Rating & Reviews: 4.9 ⭐ 
  • Pricing Plan: 
    • Shopify basic: $9.85/month
    • Shopify profession: $19.85/month
    • Shopify advanced: $35.85/month
    • Shopify plus: $54.85/month
  • Key Features: 
    • Variety of Promotion Types: BOGO+ Free Gift With Purchase offers a range of promotion types to engage your customers, including BOGO (Buy One Get One), Buy X Get Y, Flash Sale, Free Gift with Purchase, and Volume Discount. This versatility allows you to experiment with different promotions and find the most effective strategy for your store.
    • Customizable Widgets: The app provides customizable widgets such as countdown timers, offer tables, header banners, and product badges.
    • Free Gift Automation: BOGO+ Free Gift With Purchase allows you to automatically add gifts to customer orders or provide manual add-on popups. This feature simplifies the process of offering free gifts, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.
    • Volume Discount Option: Encourage customers to purchase more with the Shopify volume discount feature. By setting up tiers where customers can receive increasing discounts or additional benefits based on their order quantity, you can incentivize larger purchases and increase your average order value.
    • Flash Sale: This feature is designed to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to make a purchase quickly. It utilizes a countdown timer to indicate that the sale will only be available for a limited time. This urgency can motivate customers to complete their purchases before the sale ends, increasing conversion rates and boosting sales.
    • Additional Add-on Features: BOGO+ Free Gift With Purchase offers additional features such as scheduled sales and the ability to combine discount codes. These functionalities provide you with more control over your promotions, allowing for strategic planning and customization.

2. GA ‑ Free Gift | BOGO by GoodApps

Shopify free gift app
  • Shopify Rating & Reviews: 5.0 ⭐ 
  • Pricing Plan: 
    • Free
  • Key Features: 
    • Free Gift With Purchase: The app allows you to create free gift offers with purchase, enticing customers to spend more by offering additional products as a gift. This strategy not only makes customers happier but also helps to increase your sales revenue and average order value (AOV).
    • Increase AOV with the Same Traffic: By offering free gifts with purchase, you can encourage customers to add more items to their cart, thereby increasing their overall order value. This feature allows you to maximize the potential of your existing traffic and generate more revenue without additional marketing efforts.
    • Track Revenue and AOV: GA ‑ Free Gift | BOGO provides built-in tracking capabilities to help you monitor the revenue generated by your free gift offers and track the impact on your AOV. This valuable data allows you to assess the effectiveness of your promotions and make informed decisions to optimize your sales strategy.
    • Different Types of Conditions: The app offers flexibility in setting up conditions for your free gift offers. You can customize the criteria based on various factors such as cart value, specific products, or other conditions. This allows you to tailor your promotions to target specific customer segments and align them with your business goals.

3. All‑in‑One Free Gift on Cart by Shop Doctors 🏆

Offer Free Gifts with Purchase
  • Shopify Rating & Reviews: 4.9 ⭐ 
  • Pricing Plan: 
    • Free
    • Pro plan: $7.99/month
    • Shopify plus shops: $19.99/month
  • Key Features: 
    • Offer Free Gifts with Purchase: The Shopify free gift app enables you to offer free gifts to customers based on specific cart conditions. By incentivizing purchases with free products, you can encourage customers to spend more, increasing your conversion rate and average order value (AOV).
    • Auto-Show Free Products in Cart: All‑in‑One Free Gift on Cart automatically displays the earned free gifts in the customer’s cart. This feature allows customers to see the rewards they have received for reaching specific spending thresholds, reinforcing their buying decisions and enhancing the overall shopping experience.
    • Promote and Track Freebie Progress: The app provides a gift promotion widget that can be displayed site-wide. This widget showcases the available free gifts to customers, attracting their attention and encouraging them to take advantage of the promotional offers. Additionally, the gift progress bar tracks the customer’s progress towards earning free items in real-time, creating a sense of achievement and motivating further purchases.
    • Display Total Item Value Savings: The app allows you to display the total item value savings in the cart. This helps customers understand the value they are receiving by qualifying for free gifts, reinforcing the perceived value of the promotions and motivating them to complete their purchase.

4. BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y by Secomapp

Shopify free gift apps
  • Shopify Rating & Reviews: 4.8 ⭐ 
  • Pricing Plan: 
    • Basic: $29.99/month
    • Profession: $49.99/month
    • Unlimited: $69.99/month
    • Plus: $99.99/month
  • Key Features: 
    • Free Gifts: With this Shopify free gift app, you can encourage customers to spend a certain amount, such as $200, to qualify for a free gift. This feature incentivizes customers to increase their order value, leading to higher sales revenue and customer satisfaction.
    • Auto-Add Free Gift to Cart: With this app, you can automatically add free gifts to the customer’s cart. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and ensures a smooth and hassle-free customer experience. Customers will appreciate the convenience of receiving their free gift without any extra steps.
    • Use Alongside Discount Code: BOGOS allows customers to use discount codes in conjunction with the free gift offers. This flexibility empowers customers to take advantage of additional discounts while still enjoying the benefits of the free gift promotions. It helps maximize savings for customers and enhances their shopping experience.
    • Customizable Features: The app offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the offers to match your store’s branding and requirements.

5. Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator by Digismoothie

Shopify free gift app Gift Box
  • Shopify Rating & Reviews: 4.9 ⭐ 
  • Pricing Plan: 
    • Free
    • Basic Shopify: $29/month
    • Standard Shopify: $39/month
    • Shopify plus: $39/month
  • Key Features: 
    • Gift Rules: With the Shopify free gift app Gift Box, you have the flexibility to set your own rules. For example, you can establish rules such as “spend $X in collection Y” or “buy product Z” to trigger the gift offer. This customization allows you to tailor the promotions to align with your specific marketing goals and target specific customer segments.
    • Gifts in Cart: When customers meet the specified criteria, the free gifts are automatically added to their cart. This seamless integration simplifies the process for customers, enhancing their shopping experience and eliminating the need for manual intervention.
    • Full Compatibility: Gift Box ensures full compatibility between free gifts and discount codes. Customers can enjoy the benefits of both, allowing them to maximize their savings and incentives. This compatibility feature enhances customer satisfaction and encourages more conversions.
    • Gift Choice: The app provides an option for customers to choose their own gift from a list of options. This interactive feature adds a personal touch to the shopping experience, making customers feel empowered and valued. It also increases the perceived value of the free gift promotion.

6. Super: Gift Wrap, Gift Message by Effective Apps

Multiple Gift Wraps
  • Shopify Rating & Reviews: 4.9 ⭐ 
  • Pricing Plan: 
    • Basic plan: $2.99/month
    • Pay-as-you-go plan: Free to install
  • Key Features: 
    • Multiple Gift Wraps: The Shopify free gift app enables you to offer customers the option to surprise their loved ones by adding gift wraps to their orders. Customers can choose from multiple gift wrap designs, allowing them to personalize their gift and create a delightful unboxing experience.
    • Gift Message: With this app, you can provide customers with the ability to add a paid or free gift message along with their order. This feature allows customers to include a personalized note, making their gift even more special and heartfelt. The option to add a gift message enhances the overall gift-giving experience.
    • Gift Receipt: Super Gift Wrap app allows customers to request the hiding of the order’s price from the invoice. This feature is particularly useful when customers are sending gifts directly to recipients and want to keep the purchase amount confidential. By offering the option to hide the price, you provide a discreet and thoughtful gift-giving solution.
    • Highly Converting Holiday Themes: The app offers highly converting holiday themes to enhance the gift-giving experience during special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM), Christmas, and more. These themed designs create a visually appealing and festive atmosphere, encouraging customers to make gift-related purchases during specific holiday periods.

7. EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift by 506

free gift apps
  • Shopify Rating & Reviews: 4.9 ⭐ 
  • Pricing Plan: 
    • Standard: $5.99/month
    • Unlimited: $14.99/month
  • Key Features: 
    • Free Gift with Purchase: The app offers the option to add a free gift with purchase triggered by specific products or collections. This feature encourages customers to buy certain items or explore specific product categories in order to receive a valuable free gift. It serves as a powerful incentive to drive sales and enhance the overall customer experience.
    • Add to Cart Upsells: EasyGift enables you to create add-to-cart upsells for easy gifting. By strategically presenting customers with additional products they can add to their cart, you can increase order values and provide customers with more choices.
    • Scheduled Rules: This means you can specify a certain period during which the offers will be active. By scheduling the rules, you can plan promotions in advance, ensuring timely and effective marketing campaigns.

8. Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell by Corner: Referrals, Upsell & Rewards

Free Gift & Cart Upsell
  • Shopify Rating & Reviews: 5.0 ⭐ 
  • Pricing Plan: 
    • Free
    • For Basic Shopify: $15/month
    • For Shopify: $29/month
    • Advanced Shopify: $59/month
  • Key Features: 
    • Multiple Free Gifts: With this Shopify free gift app, you can choose to provide customers with a choice from a list of free gifts, such as allowing them to select any 2 out of 3 options. What sets this app apart is that it allows you to use regular products from your inventory as gifts, eliminating the need to create separate $0 products that can complicate inventory management.
    • Multi-Tier Progress Bar: The app offers a multi-tier progress bar that triggers free gifts and shipping based on the cart’s total value. This feature encourages customers to increase their cart value in order to unlock additional benefits, such as free gifts and shipping. It serves as a powerful tool for boosting average order value (AOV) and increasing customer loyalty.
    • Smart In Cart Upsells: The app includes smart in cart upsells that allow you to upsell frequently bought together items directly in the cart. This feature prompts customers to add complementary or related products to their order, increasing both the value of their purchase and your overall sales.
    • One-Click Upsell: The Shopify free gift app provides the option to add a checkbox to offer add-on services like gift wrapping. This one-click upsell feature simplifies the checkout process for customers, making it convenient for them to enhance their purchase with additional services.

The Last Words

In conclusion, offering free gifts is a powerful strategy to attract customers and boost sales on your Shopify store. By incorporating these cutting-edge apps into your marketing arsenal, you’ll be well-equipped to provide exceptional value to your customers and build a thriving Shopify business that stands out from the crowd.

With the right Shopify free gift app at your disposal, you have the tools to leave a lasting impression on your customers, cultivate brand advocacy, and position your Shopify store as a go-to destination for a delightful and rewarding shopping experience.

Embrace the possibilities, tap into the potential, and revolutionize your business with the best Shopify free gift apps in 2023!

And why don’t you give a try to our BOGO+ app right away?

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