New partnership announcement: Welcome EGANY – CRO Buttons As Our New Partner!


Announcement New Partnership

We are glad to share great news of our agreement with EGANY partner,  e-commerce experts who deliver technology solutions to online store owners worldwide. This partnership will enable us to provide even more valuable services to our customers and serve as a strong foundation to create innovative offerings together. We are confident that this partnership will enhance our capabilities and help us better serve the needs of online merchants.

About EGANY 

EGANY provide hi-class software development and implement e-commerce solution. Specifically, EGANY optimizes UX & CR for eCommerce websites. Their comprehensive solution includes over 30 themes, 10+ apps, and more than 100 features, all of which have been trusted by over 5000 businesses on major platforms such as Shopify, Haravan, and Sapo.

About CRO Buttons app

EGANY’s CRO Buttons on Shopify are the ultimate solution for boosting your website’s conversion rates. These buttons are designed to provide customers with a seamless browsing and purchasing experience, ensuring that they never miss a chance to make a purchase. With the CRO Buttons, you can:

Enhance the Customer Experience

The CRO Buttons contain effective Call-To-Action phrases that improve the overall customer experience on your website. You can add 8+ mobile buttons that help your customers reach you:

  • Call Hotline
  • Chat via Messenger, LiveChat, etc..
  • Link to any page
  • Send an Email
  • Contact Form
  • Open Cart page
  • Add to cart
  • Buy Now (one click checkout)

Streamline the Purchasing Process

The CRO Buttons are strategically placed at the bottom of each page, making it easy for customers to access them and complete their purchases quickly and effortlessly. What is more, you also can add animation to every button, just one click.

Increase AOV (Average Order Value) and CR (Conversion Rates)

This app encourages customers to make additional purchases with enticing promotions, free shipping offers, and other incentives. You can boost sales like the Pro with scenarios to increase cart value and AOV in 3 steps:

  • Show promotion available
  • Show spending target to receive the promotion
  • Show congratulation and detail of promotion

Analyze Customer Behavior

Besides that, CRO buttons help to gain valuable insights into customer behavior with detailed analytics and reporting tools that track revenue, popular search queries, and cases where customers did not find what they were looking for.

We are happy to have EGANY become our partner. We believe this partnership will bring great value to our customers and drive continued success for our businesses. 

Learn more about EGANY’s CRO buttons here!

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