Press Release: Change Of Business Name


August 19, 2022 – Today, it is giving us happiness to inform you that our start-up firm is going to face growth or change in an official way. We will let you know about the transformation of the company in terms of name and policies from the date effective from Aug 20, 2022, and that will be from HappyPoints to WizzCommerce.

We are confident that this evolution will allow us to showcase our objectives or goals in a better way and enhance our reputation in a better way. We actually aim to fulfill the promise of every user or customer and serve them to the best of our abilities.

The process of changing the name will definitely make a positive impact in the market and help in increasing the contacts on a worldwide basis. We are also making efforts incomplete renew our website. Our company’s new name will also be visible on the company’s website and on Shopify App Store. There will also have a change in the website domain from the old one to the new domain

We would like to inform all of you regarding the new benefits of the company. Some might have known that we started out as a service provider. That is when the name HappyPoints was born in order to bring joy to all the clients or customers who had chosen us to fulfill their e-commerce dream. However, with a subtle change early this year, a part of our team has decided to have a small experiment on joining the race of product development. We chose Shopify as our landing for our very first product which you are using – BOGO, Flash Sale & Free Gift. Fortunately, nearly 4 months after the app launched, the app performance shows positive results, which is why it led us to the decision to give birth to WizzCommerce. With this change, WizzCommerce from now on will focus only on product development. In details, we will focus on providing product solutions in sales and conversions growth for e-commerce merchants worldwide, starting from Shopify merchants. Furthermore, by having an official name for the product development team, we will also be able to attract new resources and investments, which definitely will bring more benefits to our users in the future.

We hope that with the new brand name, WizzCommerce will be able to bring more quality products to help you achieve your goals with your online business. If you have anything in your mind to ask regarding the name changes then you can surely contact us or send an email. 


WizzCommerce Team

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