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Just a few weeks ago, we had an article about our new smartupsell & discount DISCOS app launching. After one month, we received countless downloads and installs, as well as feedback from our users. Based on their reviews, our team had put another feature into the spotlight. We are happy to introduce to you our version 1.1 of DISCOS – Bogo badge. This is the only unique solution to manage all types of Shopify bogo badge in your store. 

Before introducing more details about DISCOS bogo badge feature, let’s discuss 3 greatest advantages of setting up a product bogo badge.

#Benefit 1: Use badge to drive customers’ attentions to on-sale products

This feature is common in giant e-commerce stores; and it’s such a smart hint to drive costumes’ eyes into big on-sale products. In fact, discounted products with an effective bogo badge are much worth checking than those without ones, and as a result it leads to better sales and conversions. 

#Benefit 2: Bogo badge makes emotional connection at a long-term scale

According to the latest report, McKinsey stated that during online customer journeys, they can drive a deeper level of emotional engagement with their customers with a product bogo badge, leading to an increase in brand acknowledgement and brand loyalty. 

Let’s discover our BOGO badge feature together. Till now, it belongs to our popular plugin catalog during our product research. Our team has intensively worked on code refactoring for weeks to improve DISCOS’s customer experiences.

DISCOS’s badge enables users to customize their bogo based on position and colors. You might want to choose either a badge with a round or rectangle shape, at the center, right or left position. Plus, you can also customize to solid or gradient color. 

If you are unsure about what you just heard, try our free version to explore our bogo feature. In your free time, you might want to read more about other features of DISCOS like setting up multiple Shopify buy x get y quantity breaks at a time

It’s Thao, Thanks for reading!

Free install DISCOS today!

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