How to Combine and Stack Various Discounts on Shopify with 9 Strategies [2024 Updated]


Everyone knows that customers like discounts. The more savings, the more enjoyable your shoppers’ experiences will be. But when every Shopify store turns on the “discount mode,” what will make your store stand out? The answer to this is combining discounts.

From 2019 to 2021, the phrase “Shopify combine discounts” became a frequently mentioned question in the Shopify Community. That shows merchants’ concern about this topic. Actually, Shopify had an official solution for it in 2022.

In this article, we will explore combining discounts and how to stack and combine discounts on Shopify. Moreover, we present 9 combined discount strategies with a detailed guide to help you run your promotions better. Ready to begin?

Can My Customers on Shopify Use Multiple Coupons?

Yes! Shopify has started allowing multiple discounts on an order in 2022. This feature has received some updates so far in 2024. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Maximum of 25 automatic discounts active at once.
  • Customers can use a maximum of 5 product/order codes & 1 shipping code per order.
  • Discounts only work for Online Store & Shopify POS orders.
  • Products in Buy X Get Y discounts cannot have additional product discounts applied.

As e-commerce experts, we assume combining discounts is always a must-have marketing promotion strategy for every store on Shopify. Now, we will explain how to overcome these limitations and create a stacking discount strategy more easily than ever.

How to Combine and Stack Discounts on Shopify?

There are a few methods you can use to allow customers to stack and combine discount codes on Shopify, each with its own advantages and limitations:

1. Leverage Shopify’s Built-in Discount Combinations

Shopify now allows customers to stack multiple discount codes at checkout. However, there are a few restrictions:

  • Only one discount can be applied to a product variant in the order.
  • Only discounts that have enabled combinations can be mixed.
  • Customers can apply up to five discount codes to a single order.

This is the easiest method to implement discount stacking. No need for additional apps or complex setups. No extra subscription fees compared to third-party apps. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: From your Shopify admin, click Discounts.
Shopify combine discounts, how to enable combining discounts on Shopify

    • Step 2: Click the Create Discount button.
    How to enable combining discounts on Shopify

      • Step 3: Under Combinations, select the discount classes with which you want to combine the new discount.
      How to enable combining discounts on Shopify

        • Step 4: If the selected discount combination class has active discounts, then you can click the displayed number to see a list of active discounts that are eligible to be combined with this discount.
        Shopify combine discounts, how to enable combining discounts on Shopify

            • Step 5: Click Save.
            How to enable combining discounts on Shopify

            After setting up the discount combinations, it’s crucial to test them. The best way is to simulate the customer’s journey. Go to your store, add an item to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Try applying the discount codes manually and observe the results.

            2. Utilize Third-Party Apps

            The Shopify app store offers a variety of apps designed to enhance discount functionality. These apps can provide more flexibility and features compared to Shopify’s built-in options. Here are some benefits:

            • Overcome Limitations: Many apps allow you to bypass Shopify’s limit of five codes or enable stacking discounts on individual product variants.

            • Advanced Features: Some apps offer features like automatic stacking based on pre-defined rules or tiered discounts based on order value.
            How to enable combining discounts on Shopify using third party apps.

            If you can look for third-party apps available in the Shopify app store. Here are a few popular options to get you started:

            • Stackable Discounts: This app allows you to combine multiple promotions, from automatic discounts to manual codes. It is also compatible with Shopify POS.

            • AIOD ‑ All‑In‑1 Discount: This app by CirkleStudio helps you to create and manage offers that work best for your store. The app offers various discounts like Bundle, Quantity discounts, Free gifts, BOGO offers, etc.

            • Regios Automatic Discounts: This app offers automatic discounts like Quantity breaks, BOGO, Free Gift, and many more promotions. It allows for the creation of special automatic products, orders, and shipping discounts for VIP customers. It is also compatible with POS Pro, Shopify’s Native Discounts, & Currency Conversion Apps.

            Things to Consider:

            • App Costs: Most discount stacking apps have subscription fees, so factor in the cost-benefit analysis for your store.

            • App Integration: Ensure the app integrates smoothly with your Shopify store to avoid technical difficulties.

            Now that you know how to enable combining discounts, let’s move to the 9 typical and most effective strategies of Shopify Combine Discounts, which are curated by Wizzcommerce and trusted by many merchants.

              9 Most Effective Types of Shopify Combine Discounts

              In this article, we will instruct you on how types of discount combinations by both Shopify native discounts and a third-party app: BOGO+ app by WizzCommerce.

              1. BOGO with Free shipping discount

              Free shipping discount is an effective offer for both merchants and customers that can combine with different kinds of product promotion.

              In fact, 60% of e-commerce companies cite “free shipping with conditions” as their most successful marketing tool. Many customers would prefer free shipping (e.g., a $6.99 value) to an order discount that saves them $10.

              By mixing Free shipping discounts with BOGO, you can see a “bomb” explode in your campaign.

              For easier understanding, let’s see this use case: 

              You set up a Buy 2 Get 1 T-shirt FREE campaign and add a free shipping discount. Your shoppers can grab the BOGO discount and get the free shipping offer in one order.  

              Combine BOGO with Free shipping discount for Shopify stores
              Combine BOGO with Free shipping discount for Shopify stores

              Instruction  to set it up on the Shopify store: 

              Campaigns created by BOGO+ can combine with Shopify discounts (created from Shopify admin page). Thus, all you need to do is simply create each promotion in turn, reach out to customers and wait for orders.

              2. Flash Sale with Gift With Purchase

              Gift with purchase is a discount offer or free gift for customers who purchase a certain amount. Combining a Flash sale with a Gift with purchase not only helps you upsell but also encourages shoppers to buy even more and increases AOV.

              Many store owners admitted that this combining discount engages shoppers to purchase more and gives them a happier shopping experience. 

              For easier understanding, let’s see this use case: 

              You set up a Flash sale – OFF 20% Jeans campaign and add an auto gift for a cart over 100$. Your shoppers tend to get the Flash sale discount and buy one more item to reach 100$-over-cart to get an auto gift card.

              Shopify combine discount Flash Sale and Gift with Purchase
              Combine discount Flash Sale and Gift with Purchase on your Shopify website

              Instruction to set it up on the Shopify store: 

              With BOGO+, you can easily customize pop-ups and choose the manual selection or auto add. Moreover, it allows you to combine many kinds of campaigns at one time without coding or other handling.

              3. BOGO with Order discount

              A new survey from RetailMeNot shows that two-thirds of consumers have “made a purchase they weren’t originally planning to make solely based on finding a coupon or discount”.

              Similarly, four out of five (80 percent) said they feel encouraged to purchase the first time for a new brand that gives them an offer or discount. 

              The combination of BOGO and Order discount is a double-powerful promotion driving your store to a new level of revenue.

              Let’s see this use case: 

              You set up a Buy 2 Get 1 T-shirt FREE campaign and add a 10% discount for their first order. This discount will give “just looking” visitors more incentive to try your store. 

              Combine BOGO discount by WizzCommerce BOGO+ app with Shopify default order discount
              Combine BOGO discount by WizzCommerce BOGO+ app with Shopify default order discount

              Instruction  to set it up on Shopify store: 

              4. BOGO with Flash Sale 

              Boosting your store’s performance in this sale season is essential. If your goal is to introduce more items to consumers, don’t hesitate to run product discount campaigns. 

              Combining BOGO with Flash Sale is a good idea for all stores to upsell products. 

              For instance:

              You set up a Flash Sale 2O% OFF Jeans and Buy 2 Get 1 T-shirt FREE. It means that customers can get 20% OFF T Jeans and Buy 1 Get 1 T-shirt OFF in the same cart. 

              Stack Shopify discounts: BOGO and Flash Sale
              Stack Shopify discounts: BOGO and Flash Sale

              Instruction  to set it up on Shopify store: 

              There is only note that you can use the same promotion type on many products but it is impossible to apply two discount types on one item. 

              5. Order discount with Free shipping discount

              Free shipping is the most preferred and simplest discount, so you can mix it with various kinds of promotions. Combining free shipping and order discounts helps to remove new customers’ hesitation. With this promotion mix, they can apply discounts and buy anything in the store.  

              Glance at this example:

              You set up a Free shipping discount and a code 10% OFF for each order. When consumers make any purchase, they can apply two discount codes simultaneously. 

              Shopify stacking discounts: Order discount and Free shipping
              Shopify stacking discounts: Order discount and Free shipping

              Instruction to set it up on Shopify store: 

              Here is a video tutorial on setting up Shopify Combining Order Discount and FreeShipping:

              Shopify Combined Discount New Feature 2024

              Above is just an example of among 5 possible discount combinations from Shopify default discounts. Here 4 other suggestions you can try now:

              6. Product discount(s) and Order discount

              Example: 20offPants + 10offShirts + Welcome10

              With this discount stacking example, customers can apply product discounts before the subtotal is calculated and then apply the order discounts to the subtotal.

              7. Product discount and Product discount (applied to different products)

              Example: 20offPants + 10offShirts + 20offPants + 10offShirts

              You are able to offer discounts on different items in the same cart.

              Check out this tutorial video on how to create combined product discounts: 1 discount code for product A and 1 discount code for product B. They create 2 discounts and test them in checkout.

              8. Order discount and Order discount

              Example: Welcome10 + Spend200Get5off

              For this combination, you can actually stack multiple order discounts on the same order.

              9. Product discount(s) and Free shipping discount

              Example: 20offPants + 10offShirts + FreeShip

              This is also one of the common discount combinations that can effectively convert customers. You can create several product discounts and shipping discounts applied to the same order from the Shopify admin. Then, your customers can enjoy both free shipping and discounts on their products.

              Final Thoughts

              A combined discount that fits the needs of consumers can boost your store sales quickly. Before making a promotion, don’t forget to research your customers’ insight and consider what exactly you want to improve in your store. We hope that you find this article useful for making a great sale holiday in 2024! 

              If you are looking for an “assistant” for your promotion campaign, the BOGO+ app by WizzCommerce is always an excellent choice. Visit our website to learn more about its features. I wish you a successful sales season! 

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