The Complete Guide to Shopify Bundle Products: With & Without Apps


Unlocking Bundle Power: Apps or No Apps!

Shopify bundle with and without app

Ever scrolled through endless app listings, just wanting a simple way to bundle some products on your Shopify store (or just a simple way for bundling Shopify products without app)? Yeah, been there, done that. The truth is, not everyone needs all the bells and whistles – sometimes you just want to offer a good old-fashioned “Buy X Get Y” deal or create a curated bundle without adding another app to your already overflowing toolbox.

Well, good news! This guide is your one-stop shop for creating effective bundles on Shopify, no app installation required. Think of it as your secret weapon for low-app-capacity merchants like myself. We’ll explore a simple strategy (like “Buy X Get Y” strategy) and walk you through the process in just two easy steps!

Bundling Products on Shopify With an App

If you’re already well-acquainted with Shopify apps, take a moment to glance at our succinct guide below. In just 5 SIMPLE STEPS, you can complete the installation and begin leveraging the power of bundle apps to enhance your store’s functionality. 

Top Bundle Builder Apps Shopify: 5-Step Easy Installation Guide (2024)

This guide makes Shopify product bundling accessible to everyone, even beginners. Boost your sales and simplify shopping for your customers – check it out now!

Bundling Products on Shopify Without an App

Considering trying product bundling on Shopify? Before investing in premium apps, explore the built-in features! This guide provides a simple, step-by-step approach to creating bundles without requiring app installations. Discover a cost-effective way to test bundling’s effectiveness and gain valuable insights before making further decisions. 

Here are ONLY 2 actionable steps for your convenience:

Step 1: Choose Products for Your Bundle

In this guide, we’ll focus on implementing the ‘Buy X, Get Y’ bundle strategy as an example to set up.

The first crucial step involves deciding on the products you wish to include in your bundle. Once you’ve made your selection, navigate to the ‘Products’ section to add new items to your bundle. If the chosen products are already available in your store, you can conveniently skip this step.

Shopify bundle with and without app

Navigate to the ‘Products’ section and select ‘Collection’. This collection will serve as your bundle. Assign the collection a name that reflects the bundle you’re creating. For instance, in this example, we’ll name the bundle ‘Buy X, Get X.


Once you’ve entered all the necessary details for your collection, proceed to handpick the products you want to include. Click on ‘Browse’ to select the desired items. After making your selections, remember to click ‘Save’ to complete the first step of the process.

Step 2: Set up discount for bundle

Move on to the ‘Discount’ section, which you’ll find located within the ‘Collection’ section.

Shopify bundle without app

At this section, choose “Creat discount”.

Shopify bundle without app

And then, select discount type “Buy X get Y”

Shopify bundle without app

Next, navigate to the ‘Create product discount’ field and customize each section according to your preferences. Importantly, under the ‘Method’ section, select ‘Automatic Discount’ and assign it a name. This ensures that customers receive the discount automatically at checkout, eliminating the need for them to enter a code.

Shopify bundle without app

Please note: In the ‘Customer Buys’ and ‘Customer Gets’ sections, ensure you select ‘Specific Collections’. Then, browse and select the ‘Buy X get X’ collection that you recently added

You also have the flexibility to customize additional options. For instance, under ‘Combinations’, you can allow customers to combine this bundle with other offers like free shipping or order discounts. Additionally, set the ‘Active Dates’ to specify when the bundle offer becomes officially active.

Use password “iclawb” for the access to the demo store

Best Practices for Product Bundling Without an App

While it only takes 2 steps, there’s more to consider for optimal results:

Planning and Product Selection

  • Identify Your Goals: Clearly define your objectives for creating bundles. Are you aiming to clear out slow-moving inventory, upsell complementary products, or offer a discounted package for specific customer segments?
  • Target Audience: Understand your ideal customer and their needs. Create bundles that cater to their preferences and buying habits.
  • Product Selection: Choose products that complement each other well and offer perceived value as a bundle. Consider functionality, aesthetics, and potential cost savings.

Pricing and Presentation

  • Percentage Discount: This is a straightforward approach where you offer a specific percentage discount on the total price of the bundled items compared to buying them individually. A common range is 10-20% off, but you can adjust it based on your profit margin and desired value perception.
  • Fixed Dollar Amount Discount: This strategy sets a flat dollar amount discount for the bundle. This can be more impactful psychologically than a percentage discount, especially for bundles with a high total price.
  • Tiered Discounts: Create different discount tiers based on the number of items included in the bundle. For example, a 2-item bundle might have a 10% discount, while a 3-item bundle offers 15% off, incentivizing customers to purchase larger bundles.
  • Psychological Pricing: Use pricing tactics that make the bundle offer seem more attractive. For example, pricing items at $9.99 instead of $10.00 can make a difference in perception

Manage Inventory for Your Bundle

Since you’re creating bundles manually, keeping track of inventory levels for each bundled item is crucial. Here’s how to manage it effectively:

  • Manual Inventory Checks: Establish a routine – daily or weekly (depending on your sales volume) – to visit the “Inventory” section under “Products” in your Shopify admin.
  • Monitor Individual Items: Within the inventory section, check the stock availability for each item included in your bundles.
inventory in shopify without app
  • Proactive Restocking: If any bundled item falls below a safe stock level, restock it promptly to avoid bundle fulfillment issues. This proactive approach ensures you don’t run out of stock and can fulfill bundle orders smoothly.

Promote Your Bundle

Crafting compelling bundles is only half the battle. To truly reap the benefits, you need to inform your customers and generate excitement about these bundled offerings. Here are some strategies to get the word out in a way that maximizes your advantage:

  • Product Page Prominence: Highlight your bundles on individual product pages for items included in the bundle. Consider adding call-to-actions (CTAs) encouraging customers to “View the Bundle” or “Complete the Look” with your curated selection.
Product Page Prominence
  • Dedicated Collection Page: Create a visually appealing collection page showcasing your bundle. Include high-quality images, a clear title, and a compelling description that emphasizes the value proposition and benefits of purchasing the bundled items together.
Dedicated Collection Page
  • Email Marketing Powerhouse: Announce your new bundle to your email list with an enticing subject line and a clear call to action directing them to the bundle collection page. Showcase the bundle’s benefits and highlight any discounts or special offers.
Email Marketing Powerhouse
  • Social Media Savvy: Promote your bundle on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Utilize captivating visuals and highlight the key features and advantages of your bundle. Consider running targeted ad campaigns to reach your ideal customer base.
Social media savyy
  • Website Banners and Pop-Ups: Strategically place eye-catching website banners or pop-ups on your online store featuring your new bundle. This is a great way to grab attention and drive traffic to your bundle collection page.

Comparison Between Bundling Without an App and With an App

While these practices empower you to create compelling bundles without apps, there are limitations to consider. For a deeper dive into the trade-offs between manual and app-based bundling, let’s explore both approaches: 



Cost $$$

Monthly subscription fees for the app, which can add up over time.

No additional costs for apps or subscriptions.


May involve a learning curve to understand and utilize the app’s features fully.

Simple to set up for small-scale operations or a limited number of products.

Time Efficiency

High efficiency due to automation of processes like inventory management and pricing adjustments.

Time-consuming as the business grows; manual tracking and updating.

Functionality & Features

Offers advanced features such as customizable bundles, dynamic pricing, and detailed performance analytics.

Limited functionality; lacks advanced features like dynamic pricing and analytics.

Customer Experience

Enhanced shopping experience with features like real-time inventory updates and easy bundle customization.

Potentially less smooth; manual updates may affect real-time accuracy and customization.

Inventory Management

Automated inventory updates, reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

Manual tracking and updating, which can be prone to errors.

Customization & Control

Allows for extensive customization of bundles, though dependent on app capabilities.

Full control over bundle creation and presentation but with limited customization.


Easier to scale as the app can handle increased complexity and volume efficiently.

Challenging to scale as manual processes become cumbersome with growth.

Dependence on Third-Party

Reliance on external software, which may pose risks if the app experiences downtime or discontinues service.

No dependence on third-party software.

Conclusion: Bundling Without Breaking a Sweat

In conclusion, creating effective product bundles on Shopify doesn’t have to be a daunting task filled with endless app installations. As we’ve demonstrated in this guide, a simple ‘Buy X Get Y’ strategy can be implemented in just two easy steps, without the need for any additional apps.

Remember, the key to successful bundling lies in understanding your customers’ needs and offering them value. Whether you’re a low-app-capacity merchant or simply prefer a more streamlined approach, this guide has equipped you with the knowledge to boost your sales through clever bundling strategies.

So, don’t let app overload hold you back. Start creating your product bundles today and watch your Shopify store thrive. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and here’s to your eCommerce success!


Yes, you can create product bundles on Shopify without the need for additional apps. This guide outlines a simple strategy to do so, helping you enhance your sales with effective bundling

The main advantage is simplicity and cost-effectiveness. By avoiding extra apps, you reduce complexity and potential costs associated with app subscriptions, making it easier to manage your store.

Setting up a “Buy X Get Y” bundle involves selecting the products you want to bundle together and then creating a special offer or discount that applies when customers purchase those items together. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to achieve this

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