The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Cart Upsells: Boost Sales & Delight Customers

Shopify Cart Upsell

If you still have no clue about Shopify Cart Upsell, you are ignoring an immense revenue source for your store. Let me show you why:

Suppose your store generates $2,000 in daily revenue with an average order value (AOV) of $35.

You implement an upselling strategy that converts just 5% of your customers, which could significantly increase revenue.

The AOV is increased by $10 for each customer; 5% would translate to an additional $850 monthly.

Did you know? A good Upsell Conversion Rate is generally around 20-25%. With our straightforward guide, you can emulate the success of giant retailers. We’ll walk you through from strategies to action. Ready to level up your profits?

The Basics of Cart Upselling on Shopify

You might be thinking, “Isn’t upselling just trying to get customers to spend more money?” Well, not quite. Traditional upselling often involves a salesperson directly suggesting a more expensive product during a face-to-face interaction.

Cart upselling, on the Shopify platform, takes a more subtle and strategic approach. It utilizes targeted product suggestions at the checkout stage, right when a customer is already invested in making a purchase.

This strategic placement increases the chances of them adding complementary items to their cart, boosting their overall order value without feeling pressured.

But why are cart upsells so effective? Here’s the psychology behind it:

  • Reduced Decision Fatigue: Customers have already narrowed down their choices and are in “buying mode.” Presenting relevant upsells minimizes mental strain and makes adding them a quick decision.

  • The Power of Suggestion: Well-placed upsells can trigger impulse purchases, especially if they complement the original product or offer a clear benefit.

  • Increased Perceived Value: Customers might feel they’re getting a better deal by adding a discounted upsell, creating a sense of added value and satisfaction.

By understanding these psychological factors, you can leverage Shopify cart upsells to create a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

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Shopify Cart Upsell: The Ultimate Guide

Identifying Upsell Opportunities Within Your Shopify Cart

Understanding what entices customers to spend a little more at checkout is key to crafting effective upsells. Here are some strategies to identify prime upsell opportunities within your Shopify store:

  • Analyze Your Product Catalog:

Dive into your products to unearth complementary goods. Think beyond just ‘more of the same’ and look for accessories or premium variants that add real value to the customer’s initial pick.

  • Leverage Customer’s Data:

Make use of buying patterns from your Shopify analytics. Tailor your upsells to align with your customers’ previous browsing and purchasing behaviors, which boosts the chances of upsell acceptance.

  • Understand Upselling Techniques:

Educate yourself on strategic upsell methods. Time-limited offers, bundle upselling, and leveraging social proof, etc that can all nudge customers towards making that bonus purchase.

After identifying upselling opportunities, let’s move forward and turn them into realities. The upcoming section will walk you through the practical steps of implementing successful cart upselling techniques on your Shopify store.

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Implementing Cart Upsell Techniques

Now that you’ve identified golden upsell opportunities within your Shopify store, it’s time to translate those insights into action! Here’s how to seamlessly integrate cart upsells into your checkout process:

Leveraging Shopify’s Built-in Features:

Shopify offers some basic upsell functionality. You can manually suggest additional products to appear below the cart. While limited in customization, it’s a good starting point for testing the waters of cart upsells.

Explore the Power of Shopify Apps:

For more advanced upsell features and functionalities, consider utilizing the vast library of Shopify apps. These apps offer a wide range of capabilities, such as:

  • Automated Upsell Logic: Set up rules to automatically display relevant upsell offers based on the product(s) in the customer’s cart.

  • A/B Testing: Test different upsell offers, visuals, and positioning to see what resonates best with your audience and maximizes conversions.

  • Inventory Management: Ensure upsell recommendations are based on real-time inventory levels, preventing you from promoting out-of-stock items.

Compelling Product Presentation:

Beyond functionality, ensure your upsell presentations are visually appealing and informative. Utilize high-quality product images, clear descriptions highlighting the added value, and concise CTAs to encourage customers to add them to their cart.

How Do I Add a Cart Upselling to Shopify?

Many Shopify store owners have asked this question. We are here to help you answer. We’ve researched and found 2 common approaches, each with its own advantages and considerations. Let’s delve into:

Add Cart Upsells Without an App (Using Liquid & JavaScript Code)


  • More customization options.
  • Potentially free if you’re comfortable with coding.


  • Coding knowledge necessary.
  • Development and maintenance can be time-consuming.


  • Choose Upsell Functionality: Decide how you want the upsell to appear (e.g., pop-up, section below product) and what triggers it (e.g., specific product added, total cart value).

  • Create Upsell Products: Create new products in your Shopify admin for your upsell offers. Include clear descriptions, images, and pricing.

  • Edit Theme Files: This involves modifying specific theme files depending on your chosen functionality. You’ll likely need to edit the product template and potentially the cart template file. 
how to add cart upsell on shopify without apps
Using Shopify Cart Upsell Apps


  • Easy to use, even for those without coding knowledge.
  • Wide variety of features available in different apps.
  • Many apps offer free plans or trials.


  • Limited customization options compared to coding.
  • Might incur ongoing costs depending on the app and plan chosen.


  • Install a Cart Upsell App: Visit the Shopify App Store and search for “cart upsell” apps. Choose an app that suits your needs and budget. Many offer free plans or trials.

  • Configure the App: Follow the app’s specific setup instructions within the app interface. This typically involves selecting upsell products, setting triggers, and customizing the appearance.

  • Test and Monitor: Test your cart to ensure the upsells display and function correctly. Many apps offer analytics to track upsell performance.

If you don’t know which apps to choose, stay tuned. We will take you through some recommendations on the below sections.

Best Practices for Cart Upselling

While cart upsells offer a fantastic opportunity to boost revenue, it’s crucial to implement them strategically to avoid alienating your customers. Here are some best practices to ensure your upsell efforts strike the perfect balance:

Prioritize Value, Not Just Sales:

The golden rule of upselling is to focus on offering value to the customer. Don’t simply present a more expensive option. Highlight the additional features, benefits, or convenience the upsell provides.

Seamless Integration:

Upsells should enhance the checkout experience, not hinder it. Ensure they are presented clearly, concisely, and visually appealing. Avoid cluttering the checkout process with too many upsell options.

Personalization is Power:

When possible, personalize your upsell suggestions. Leverage customer data and browsing behavior to recommend upsells that are truly relevant to their chosen product. This significantly increases the chances of them adding the upsell to their cart.

Transparency is Key:

Be upfront about pricing and avoid any misleading tactics. Clearly highlight the value proposition of the upsell and ensure customers understand the additional cost involved.

Test and Refine:

Don’t assume you’ve got the perfect upsell formula on the first try. Utilize A/B testing to compare different upsell offers, visuals, and placements. Data-driven insights will guide you towards crafting the most effective upsell strategies for your audience.

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Use Shopify Apps to Optimize Cart Upsells Effortlessly

Instead of struggling with the code, which may be too tough for you, you should consider investing in a suitable app that can help you do upsells more easily.


Shopify apps offer comprehensive features and user-friendly interfaces. They focus on customization and data-driven optimization, making crafting effective upsell campaigns effortlessly. Check out some of our recommendations:

Glimpse on these key features before paying a subscription to any app:

  • Features: Does it offer your desired upsell types (bundles, tiered offers, ect) and trigger options (specific products, cart value)?

  • Customization: Can you tailor the look to match your store’s branding?

  • Ease of Use: Is setup simple and does it integrate smoothly with your store?

  • Cost: Does the pricing fit your budget (free trial, tiered plans)?

  • Reviews: Check user reviews for app effectiveness and experience.


4.8 ⭐


Price: Free paln available. Starts at $14.99/month for up to 50 orders, with a 14-day free trial available.

Features: Customizable slide cart with upsells and add-ons, sticky cart button, free shipping bar, and cart announcements.


  • Highly customizable, designed to match your brand, and includes a variety of modules to boost conversion and AOV.


  • Pricing is based on the number of orders, which may not be suitable for all businesses.


4.9 ⭐


Price: Pricing: Free plan available with limited features, Premium plan at $19.99/month, and a 7-day free trial.

Features: One-click cart upsell, volume discounts, cross-sell with product bundles, BOGO offers, free gifts with purchase, and real-time analytics.


  • Offers a wide range of promotional tools, including free gifts and shipping goals, with complete customization control.


  • Premium features require a subscription, which may not be ideal for stores with a tight budget.


4.8 ⭐


Price: Free plan for 1 upsell offer, paid plans start at $19.99/month for Shopify Basic users, with a 30-day free trial.

Features: Targeted cart upsell and cross-sell offers, conditional logic and triggers, A/B testing, and AI-powered autopilot for offers.


  • Robust functionality with unlimited offers and orders on paid plans, and a long-standing presence in the Shopify App Store.


  • The free plan is very limited and includes a watermark.

Measuring the Success of Cart Upsells

Just like any marketing strategy, measuring the success of your cart upsells is crucial for ongoing optimization. Here’s how to track your upsell performance and refine your approach for maximum impact:

Key Metrics to Monitor

Leverage tracking and analyze features provided by the app that you use. Based on your goal to assess (for every week/month or depending on your campaign), adjust your strategy to get the result in the next cycle.

Focus on metrics that reveal the effectiveness of your upsell strategy. These include:

  • Upsell Conversion Rate: This measures the percentage of customers who add an upsell product to their cart after seeing the offer.

  • Average Order Value (AOV): Tracks the average amount customers spend per order, which ideally increases with successful upsells.

  • Revenue Generated from Upsells: Isolates the direct revenue contribution of your upsell efforts.

Leverage Shopify Analytics Dashboard

Shopify provides a robust analytics dashboard with valuable insights into your store’s performance. Utilize tools like “Reports” and “Live View” to track the metrics mentioned above.

Analyze and Refine

Once you have data in hand, analyze it to identify strengths and weaknesses in your upsell strategy. Consider questions like:

  • Which upsell offers convert the best?
  • Are certain product categories more receptive to upsells?
  • Is the timing or placement of upsells optimal?

Based on your findings, refine your upsell approach. Test new upsell offers, adjust pricing structures, or personalize upsell suggestions for different customer segments.

Examples of Shopify Cart Upsell

Here are some practical examples of Shopify Cart Upsell that you can copy to your store:

Cart Upsell

upsell incart examples

Ajax Cart Upsell

ajax cart upsell, upsell incart examples

Discount Upsell

discount upsell, upsell incart examples

Quantity Discount Bundle Offer

bundle volume discount, quantity breaks

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The time to act is now!

This guide has equipped you to unlock the power of Shopify cart upsell. You’ve learned to identify hidden upsell opportunities, implement seamless features, and craft compelling offers that deliver value. The result? Don’t be afraid of experiment and refinement! It helps you upsell better and better.

Don’t wait! Implement these strategies today and watch your sales take flight! Remember, successful upselling benefits both you and your customers. So go forth and upsell with confidence!

The FAQs

Cart upselling is a sales technique where you suggest additional products to customers at checkout, tempting them to add more items to their cart and increase their overall purchase value.

Shopify does not have a built-in upsell feature as part of its standard platform. However, Shopify’s App Store provides a wide range of third-party upsell apps that you can integrate into your store to add this functionality.

To add a cart upsell to your Shopify store, you can follow these steps:

  • Select an Upsell App: Choose from Shopify’s App Store.
  • Install the App: Follow the app’s installation guide.
  • Configure Offers: Set up your upsell products and conditions.
  • Customize Appearance: Adjust the design to match your store.
  • Test and Launch: Ensure functionality before going live.

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