Top 5 Apps To Turn Shopify Inventory Alerts Into Sales in Just 5 Minutes


Shopify inventory alerts app, Shopify stock alterts app

In this article, we’re going to take you through the top 5

best apps to create Shopify Inventory Alerts as known as Low Stock Alerts. We especially focus on the apps that allow you to implement floating pop-ups – one of the most efficient types of notification to make customers feel FOMO.

To help you make an informed decision, we conducted an honest and comprehensive evaluation of the top 5 apps based on:

✅An Overview

✅Key Features

✅Pricing Plans


Read this review until the end to ensure you make the best decision for your business.

Top 5 Apps to Create Shopify Inventory Alerts Notification

FeaturesSnapNoti FOMO Visitor CounterHey!Scarcity Low Stock CounterEcom Low Stock CountdownScarcity++ Low Stock CounterInventora ‑ show stock level
Inventory Counter
Stock Display OptionsFloating notification pop-upsText, Bar, EmojiText, BarText, BarText
Real-Time Alerts
Product Variants
Customization OptionsHigh (widgets, texts, colors)High (colors, texts, triggers)Moderate (colors, texts)High (fully customizable)Low (limited customization)
Ease of UseUser-friendly interfaceUser-friendly interfaceSimple setupUser-friendly with more advanced optionsStraightforward, minimal setup
Support for Multiple Languages
Analytics and ReportingLimitedLimited
Free Plan
PricingFreePaid plans start at $4.99/monthPaid plans start at $2.99/monthPaid plans start at $4.99/monthPaid plans start at $7.99/month
RatingWaiting5 ⭐5 ⭐5 ⭐4.2 ⭐

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1. SnapNoti FOMO Visitor Counter: The Best App to Create Shopify Inventory Alerts

Let’s start with SnapNoti FOMO Visitor Counter, a robust Shopify app designed to leverage the power of social proof and urgency to increase conversions. What makes SnapNoti stand out among notification apps is its rich set of display options, especially floating pop-ups. We believe SnapNoti is worth trying

Snapnoti app features

Key features of the SnapNoti app:

  • Various Display Option: Custom notifications, Real-time data, Product views, Latest orders, New visitors, Unique visitors
  • Gamification Box: 20OFF” coupon code on product pages to convert visitors
  • Exit Tab Animation with the message “Come back! We miss you”
  • Analytics: Offers conversion tracking and engagement tracking

SnapNoti offers a truly rich set of notification features, from live FOMO pop-ups to gamified coupons. These are all proven strategies, battle-tested to convert visitors into customers.

gamitification coupon the snapnoti app

While SnapNoti FOMO Visitor Counter is still new and gathering user feedback, its feature set and user-friendly design make it a compelling choice for Shopify merchants looking to boost their store’s performance.

Visitor counters, gamification, and detailed analytics combine to position SnapNoti as a valuable tool for driving conversions and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Best of all, it’s completely free! We highly recommend giving it a try.

shopify app store

2. Hey!Scarcity Low Stock Counter

Now move on to Hey!Scarcity. The app offers a robust set of features, including countdown timers and inventory level displays. These tools are excellent for creating a sense of urgency, letting customers know that a product is selling out fast. We especially like the customization options – it allows us to tailor the messages, emoji and animation to perfectly match our brand aesthetic.

Apps to display Shopify Inventory Alerts, Stock Alterts

Here are the key features of the app:

  • Countdown timers
  • Inventory level display
  • Custom messages
  • Show widgets automatically based on your pre-set threshold

The app’s affordability is another major plus. We found it to be a cost-effective option. We’re also impressed with the level of customer support offered by Hey!Scarcity.

Overall, we appreciate the automatically showing stock counters based on the pre-set threshold. Although it don’t allow to set low-stock alerts for specific variants, it has great emoji and animation to help you capture customers’s attention. You can take advantages of the free plan to see if it is suited to your stores.

shopify app store

3. Ecom Low Stock Countdown

We were impressed by how easy it was to get started with Ecom Low Stock Countdown. The interface is intuitive, and setting up low stock messages took just minutes. We loved the customization options – we could tailor the message wording and appearance to perfectly match our brand.

Apps to display Shopify Inventory Alerts, Stock Alterts

Here are the main features of the app:

  • Low Stock Message
  • Tailor the message wording and appearance to match your brand.
  • Works with product variations
  • Choose where the message displays on your product page.

Ecom Low Stock Countdown is a decent option for budget-conscious sellers who want a basic solution. It’s user-friendly and offers a free plan with core functionality.

However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive urgency strategy with features like progress bars or exit-intent popups, you might need to explore other apps with more advanced features, even if they come at a higher cost.

shopify app store

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4. Scarcity++ Low Stock Counter

We love the customization ability of the countdown timer. From fonts and colors to the overall style, Scarcity++ lets you match it perfectly to your brand. Plus, the pre-designed holiday countdown timers are a real time-saver for seasonal promotions (Chrismas, BFCM, etc).

 Stock Alterts App

Here are the key features:

  • Live Countdown Timer
  • Inventory Alert Customization
  • Holiday Presets (e.g., Christmas, Valentine’s Day)
  • Specific Product Targeting
  • Integration with Inventory Management Apps

Scarcity++ Low Stock Counter is a well-liked app with a strong focus on customization. The countdown timers and pre-designed holiday presets can be powerful tools to nudge customers towards a purchase.

However, remember that transparency is key – don’t overdo the urgency tactics or risk damaging customer trust. Consider your traffic volume when choosing a pricing plan.

shopify app store

5. Inventora ‑ show stock level

Inventora offers a straightforward solution: displaying stock levels and statuses like “out of stock,” “pre-order,” or “only X left” on product and collection pages. This transparency can be a big win for both you and your customers. Plus, the ability to customize the colors and text for each stock status lets you match your brand aesthetic.

Stock Alterts App

Here are the key features:

  • Shows stock levels for all product variations
  • Displays stock badges on collections
  • Customizable labels and colors
  • Clear stock status labels

Overall, Inventora – Show Stock Level seems like a decent option for displaying stock information on your Shopify store. The customizable statuses and user-friendly interface are a plus.

However, the lack of granular control over stock level display rules and the reports of occasional malfunctions might be dealbreakers for some. The notification design is not really compelling.

We recommend considering these potential drawbacks and taking advantage of the free trial to see if Inventora works seamlessly for your store.

shopify app store

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Bonus Tips for FOMO Notification Mastery

We’ve explored some powerful apps to turn inventory alerts into sales magnets. But creating a true sense of urgency goes beyond just timers and badges. Here are some bonus tips to master the tactic of FOMO and skyrocket your conversions:

Target the Right Visitors:

  • Use exit-intent popups to target visitors who are about to abandon their carts.
  • Show FOMO messages on high-demand products or during limited-time sales.

Create a Sense of Exclusivity:

  • Offer early access to new products or sales to email subscribers.
  • Highlight limited-edition or exclusive products to create a sense of collectability.

Focus on Urgency, Not Desperation:

  • Craft FOMO messages that emphasize the benefits of buying now (e.g., “Don’t miss out!” or “Only a few left!”).
  • Avoid language that sounds desperate or creates unnecessary pressure.

A/B Test for Optimization:

  • Experiment with different FOMO messaging, visuals, and targeting to see what resonates best with your audience.
  • Use Shopify’s built-in A/B testing tools or third-party apps to track results and refine your strategy.

Integrate with Other Marketing Efforts:

  • Use FOMO tactics alongside email marketing campaigns or social media promotions to create a sense of urgency across channels.

Remember: FOMO can be a powerful tool, but use it responsibly. Focus on creating a positive and exciting customer experience, not manipulation.

Which Is The Best Shopify Inventory Alerts App For You?

Alright, we’ve gone through the top 5 apps to create Shopify inventory alerts. Here’s our perspective on each app. We hope our evaluation and review can help you make an informed decision.

  • SnapNoti FOMO Visitor Counter: This a worth-trying app for those finding a rich feature set of sales notifications not only Shopify inventory alerts /stock alerts but all the FOMO triggers. Don’t miss out this app. Give it a shot because it’s totally free.
  • Hey!Scarcity Low Stock Counter: An affordability and rich features app of stock alerts. Countdown timers, inventory displays, and brand-tailored messaging – it’s a complete package.

  • Ecom Low Stock Countdown: A user-friendly budget option for basic low stock messaging. Great for getting started, but limited in features compared to others.

  • Scarcity++ Low Stock Counter: Highly customizable countdown timers with holiday presets make Scarcity++ visually appealing for urgency creation. Just remember, transparency is key!

  • Inventora – Show Stock Level: This app focuses on clear communication with customizable inventory labels. It’s user-friendly, but might lack the urgency features some stores crave.

We recommend you test these apps out and see what resonates with your audience! Don’t forget – transparency and a positive customer experience are key to long-term success.

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