Top 4 Best Product Bundle Examples in Fashion: Your Customers Will Love Them!

Best Product Bundle Examples in Fashion


Shein became the largest fashion retailer in the world in 2022 (just after 10 years) and it achieved more than ÂŁ1.3 billion in sales in the UK alone in 2023 according to GlobalData.

It’s the kind of success story that’s got everyone in the fashion world sitting up and taking notes. This Chinese brand didn’t just climb the ladder to become “the online Zara of our times”; it practically pole-vaulted to the top. And you might be asking yourself, “How on earth did they pull that off? How Shein went from zero to fashion hero in the blink of an eye?”

The answer lies in their masterful use of product bundling, showcasing some of the best product bundle examples in the retail world. Shein has elevated this strategy beyond the simple act of offering a discount on bundled items. They’ve honed in on what consumers truly desire—value for money—and crafted a shopping experience that’s utterly irresistible.

Envision the ease with which a discerning Shein shopper can assemble a full outfit, from head to toe, with all the trimmings, for under $30. It’s a compelling proposition. Moreover, Shein has designed its website to be a haven for deal-seekers. There are dedicated sections where one can discover chic tops for under $5.99, stylish dresses below $9.99, and even sought-after clearance items for less than $5.

It’s this kind of shopping magic that makes Shein not just a store, but a phenomenon. So, grab your virtual shopping carts, because we’re about to take a deep dive into many other best product bundle examples in fashion and find out their secrets. We’ll investigate into the art of product bundling that has the power to mesmerize shoppers and propel remarkable business expansion.

Product Bundling in Fashion and Its Benefits

1. Definition and concept

Product bundling is a strategic approach in retail where multiple items are sold together as a single combined package, often at a discounted price compared to purchasing each item separately. This tactic is particularly effective in the fashion industry, where coordinating items and creating complete looks can significantly enhance the shopping experience.

For example, consider a fashion retailer that specializes in women’s apparel. They might create a bundle that includes a summer dress, a matching necklace, and a pair of sandals. 

Best Product Bundle Examples in Fashion

This not only simplifies the shopping process for customers looking for a complete outfit but also provides them with a value proposition that individual purchases might not offer. The bundle can be priced attractively to encourage customers to buy the full look rather than just one piece, increasing the retailer’s sales while providing customers with a convenient and cost-effective solution

2. Types of Fashion Bundles

Complementary Product Bundles (Kit)

Best Product Bundle Examples in Fashion

This type of bundle, often called a “kit,” groups items that naturally go together. Think winter kits with matching scarves and hats, or beach sets with swimsuits, cover-ups, and flip-flops. Kits offer customers the convenience of purchasing a set of items designed to be used together, creating a ready-made ensemble that ensures both style coherence and functionality.

Curated Look Bundles

Best Product Bundle Examples

These bundles take the guesswork out of styling by offering complete outfits curated for specific occasions or styles. For example, a “workwear essentials” bundle might include a tailored blazer, a crisp button-down shirt, and sleek trousers, while a “weekend casual” bundle could consist of a comfy hoodie, joggers, and a pair of trendy sneakers. These bundles not only save time for the customer but also showcase how individual pieces can come together to create a fashionable look

Discovery Bundles

Best Product Bundle Examples

The discovery bundle is a fantastic way to introduce customers to new or less familiar products. By pairing a new accessory, like a statement belt or a stylish bag, with a well-loved classic, such as a little black dress or a quality t-shirt, retailers can encourage customers to try out new items. This strategy leverages the popularity of the classic item to pique interest in the new product, potentially expanding a customer’s fashion repertoire.

Limited-Edition Bundles

Product Bundle Examples in Fashion

Limited-edition bundles are about creating a unique shopping experience that feels exclusive. These bundles might feature a special colorway, a collaboration with a designer, or seasonal items packaged in a distinctive way. The limited availability and unique combination of products create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to purchase before the bundle is no longer available. It’s a way to offer something unique that customers can’t find anywhere else, making it a powerful tool for driving sales and enhancing brand loyalty

3. Benefit of product bundling in fashion for merchants

The sweet spot of product bundling in fashion lies in offering a discount that entices customers (maximizing their perceived value) while still capturing a healthy profit margin. Research shows that this strategy is particularly effective when customer spending is low, as it can significantly benefit both retailers and shoppers.

Best Product Bundle Examples

This research reveals a potential boom effect for fashion retailers when implementing product bundling. Compared to selling items individually, bundles can significantly increase sales and revenue. Notably, the impact can be substantial, with studies suggesting a potential increase of up to 282% when a key parameter (likely the discount offered) is adjusted slightly from 0.1 to 0.5

The advantages of bundling fashion products are numerous and include:

Increased Average Order Value (AOV) and revenue: Customers purchasing bundles tend to spend more overall compared to buying individual items.

Inventory risk management and improved economies of scale: elling bundled products simplifies inventory management and logistics, potentially leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.

Enhanced customer shopping experience by simplifying decision-making: Bundles save customers time and effort by offering a complete look or solution in one purchase.

The Psychology Behind Fashion Bundling

The difference between what the consumer will pay for certain products and what they actually pay is known as the consumer surplus.

Acquiring the maximum amount of your customers’ consumer surplus while still offering a discount (so they feel they are getting a good price) is the goal of bundle pricing.

By applying the best out of product bundling, you have to understand the psychology of your customers. Only by understanding these factors can you truly craft compelling bundles that maximize customer satisfaction, achieve that sweet spot in pricing, and ultimately, unlock the full potential of bundle pricing for your business

Understanding the consumer's mindset

Time and Money Savings

Consumers are always on the lookout for ways to optimize their spending, both in terms of time and money. Fashion bundles cater to this need by offering a selection of items at a reduced price compared to buying each piece individually. This perceived saving is a strong incentive for customers, as it aligns with their goal of efficient shopping. Additionally, the time saved by not having to browse through multiple products to curate a look is a significant convenience that adds to the attractiveness of the bundle

Convenience of Purchasing a Complete Look

The modern consumer values convenience highly, and fashion bundles deliver just that by providing a complete look from one brand. This eliminates the need for consumers to mix and match items from different brands or stores, which can be a time-consuming and sometimes stressful process. The ease of obtaining a coordinated outfit with a single purchase is a strong selling point that resonates with the desire for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Confidence in Style and Appearance

Fashion bundles are often curated by stylists or are based on popular trends, which gives consumers confidence in the style and appearance of the items they are purchasing. This is particularly appealing for those who may be uncertain about their fashion choices or who appreciate guidance in creating a cohesive look. By trusting the expertise of the brand, consumers feel more assured about their purchase, knowing that the bundled items are designed to complement each other and enhance their overall appearance.

The role of branding in fashion bundling

The role of branding in fashion bundling is intricately linked to how consumers perceive value and make purchasing decisions

In the context of fashion bundling, a brand’s reputation for quality, style, and value plays a crucial role. A well-established brand like Zara, known for its trendy and affordable offerings, can leverage its brand identity to create bundles that resonate with its target audience’s aspirations and needs. When Zara presents a bundle, it’s not just selling clothes; it’s selling a fashion-forward image, convenience, and the promise of being at the forefront of current trends.

Moreover, the presentation of the bundle—how it’s packaged, promoted, and displayed—also influences consumer perception. A well-branded bundle tells a story that aligns with the consumer’s self-image or the image they aspire to. 

In essence, branding in fashion bundling is about creating a compelling narrative that the consumer wants to be part of. It’s about understanding and tapping into the emotions and desires that drive consumer behavior. By doing so, fashion retailers can craft bundles that not only meet the functional needs of their customers but also resonate with them on a deeper and more personal level

Examples of Successful Fashion Bundles

3 Wise Man

3 Wise Men specializes in high-quality men’s shirts suitable for various occasions, from formal events to casual everyday wear. They offer a range of shirts in different colors, patterns, and fits, crafted with fine fabrics. Their most used bundle product is the “Bundle any 3 Shirts, Knitwear & Trousers for $300” offer, which caters to the classic and business fashion segments.

What strategy of bundling they are using

The brand employs a KIT offer strategy, allowing customers to mix and match three items—shirts, knitwear, or trousers—for a fixed, discounted price. This approach encourages bulk purchases and provides versatility in building a wardrobe.

Visual Presentation

The visual presentation on the website is clean and straightforward, with high-quality images of the shirts and clear indications of the bundle offer. The layout is user-friendly, making it easy for customers to navigate and understand the bundling options available.

Outstanding points about this bundle

The standout feature of 3 Wise Men’s bundle is the flexibility it offers. Customers can create their own kit by choosing any combination of three items from a selected range, which adds a personalized touch to the shopping experience. Additionally, the fixed bundle price represents a significant saving compared to purchasing items individually, adding great value for the customer.

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Top 5 popular examples of bundled products and the psychology behind their success

Create irresistible bundles that keep your customers clicking “add to cart”


ASOS is a global fashion destination for a diverse range of fashion styles, including the latest trends for men and women. They offer a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and footwear. ASOS is known for its vast array of brands and its own label products. The multipacks section of their men’s collection features a variety of items such as T-shirts, underwear, and socks, catering to customers looking for value and convenience.

Product Bundle Examples in Fashion
What strategy of bundling they are using

ASOS highlights clearance multipacks, which allows customers to purchase multiple items at a discounted rate. This strategy is particularly effective for stocking up on essentials or seasonal items.

Visual Presentation

The ASOS website showcases multipack products with clear, high-resolution images that display the items in the pack. The presentation is modern and attractive, with a focus on the diversity of styles available.

Outstanding points about this bundle

ASOS’s multipack offerings stand out due to the sheer variety and the brands included. Customers can find multipacks from popular brands and the multipacks are not only economical but also feature trendy and high-quality items.


Lafayette 148 New York is a luxury fashion brand known for its sophisticated, clean-lined designs that fuse timeless style with modern trends. The brand offers a wide range of women’s clothing, including jackets, jeans, shirts, and accessories.

What strategy of bundling they are using​

Lafayette 148 New York uses a “shop the look” bundling strategy. This approach allows customers to purchase an entire outfit, including a jacket, shirt, jeans, belt, and shoes, in one go. It simplifies the shopping process and ensures that all items in the bundle coordinate well together.

Visual Presentation​

The layout is clean and elegant, reflecting the brand’s luxury positioning. Each item in the bundle is listed with its price, allowing customers to see the cost breakdown

Outstanding points about this bundle​

The standout feature of Lafayette 148 New York’s bundle is the curated, complete look it offers. This not only saves customers time in selecting individual items but also provides style inspiration. The bundle includes high-end items made from premium materials, reflecting the brand’s focus on quality and luxury.


H&M is a global fashion retailer offering a wide range of clothing, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and children. Known for its fast-fashion clothing, H&M provides trendy and affordable options that cater to a broad audience. The brand often features collections that include everything from basic essentials to more fashion-forward pieces.

What strategy of bundling they are using​

H&M is known to occasionally use mixed bundling strategies. This approach allows customers to purchase items together at a discounted rate, which might include a mix of different types of products or variations of the same product type.

Visual Presentation​

H&M’s website typically showcases products with clear, vibrant images and offers the option to see the items styled in various ways. The presentation provides easy navigation and the ability to quickly see related products or bundle offers.

Best Product Bundle Examples in Fashion
Outstanding points about this bundle​

H&M’s strength in bundling likely lies in their ability to offer fashionable, coordinated looks at an affordable price point, making fashion accessible to a broader audience.

Selling these items together as a set actually saves the retailer money on shipping costs, while also reducing the quantity of stock in its warehouse.

In reality, the “saving” on this bundle likely costs H&M very little, if anything. It might even work out as a net positive.

Ways to Sell Product Bundles in Fashion Shopify Stores

Visual merchandising tips for bundling fashion items

Create Themed Collections

Use themes or occasions to guide the bundling of items. For example, curate “Summer Beach Essentials” or “Winter Warmth” collections. This not only makes the shopping experience more intuitive but also helps customers visualize how items can be worn together.

High-Quality Imagery

Invest in high-quality, appealing images that showcase the bundled items together. Lifestyle shots, where models wear the complete look, can be particularly effective in helping customers envision the products on themselves.

Clear and Concise Descriptions

Provide clear descriptions of each item in the bundle and explain the benefits of purchasing them together. Highlight the savings or exclusive nature of the bundle

Use of Models

Display the items on models of diverse body types to show how the bundled items fit and complement different customers.


Feature product bundles on individual product pages as recommended items, encouraging customers to buy the bundle for a complete look.

Ideas on what to bundle your products with

Bundles with Accessories

Offer bundles that include main fashion items with complementary accessories. For example, pair a dress with a matching necklace and bracelet set to complete the look.

Best Product Bundle Examples in Fashion

Similar Items Bundles

Create bundles of items that are often purchased together, like a set of jeans with a variety of shirts. This could include different styles or colors of a similar product, such as a bundle of white and denim shirts to go with a pair of jeans.

Product Bundle Examples in Fashion

Head-to-Toe Look

Combine different products to create a complete outfit. For instance, offer a bundle that includes a sweater, footwear, and  a pair of earings. This not only provides convenience but also inspires customers to purchase a full look.

Product Bundle Examples in Fashion

Flexible Bundling Options

Allow customers to either purchase the entire bundle or select individual items from the bundle. This flexibility can cater to different customer preferences and budgets.

Product Bundle Examples in Fashion

Mix Popular and Niche Items

Strategically pair best-selling items with less popular ones to enhance the sales of the latter. For instance, you could bundle a popular long-sleeve shirt with one in a less popular color to expedite stock clearance.

Product Bundle Examples in Fashion

Offer Bundle Promotions at the Checkout Counter

Ever been at the checkout counter, about to pay for your purchases, when the cashier throws in a tempting offer? “Buy two, get one free – today only!” This quick, last-minute sales tactic is designed to trigger a snap decision – do you jump on the deal and potentially save money, or stick with your original plan?

This same principle can be incredibly effective in the digital shopping world of ecommerce. Imagine this: a customer is shopping in your fashion Shopify store, they click the Checkout button, and on the next page, they’re presented with an enticing offer to add another product to their bundle. This not only makes their purchase more valuable but also offers them the chance to save money

The key to success lies in understanding your target customer and recommending products that complement their existing selections. Amazon, for example, has mastered this art. Their product recommendation engine is a prime example of how to effectively leverage checkout pages to promote valuable bundles that resonate with the customer’s needs.

Product Bundle Examples in Fashion

Just remember this: as a cashier might suggest an additional item to sweeten your deal, your checkout page can become a prime location for promoting product bundles.

Best Product Bundle Examples in Fashion: A Recipe for Customer Delight

The booming success of product bundling in fashion reveals it’s not just a sales tactic; it’s a carefully crafted art form. By dissecting winning examples from other brands, we unlock the secrets to creating bundles that resonate deeply with customers. When executed thoughtfully, product bundling becomes a win-win masterpiece – a canvas where retailers paint a picture of convenience and value, while customers discover a world of style possibilities.

Retailers like Amazon have set a high standard for effective bundling, but with the right strategy, any fashion Shopify store can replicate this success. The key is to understand customer preferences, use data-driven insights to personalize offers, and present these bundles at the opportune moment, such as at the checkout. Additionally, clear communication of the bundle’s value and a seamless shopping experience are crucial to converting interest into sales.


Some of the best product bundle examples that have proven to increase sales include seasonal collections, such as a summer essentials bundle with sunglasses, swimwear, and a beach tote; a formal event package with a dress, heels, and a clutch; or a casual wear set featuring jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. These bundles are curated to offer a complete look, making it convenient for customers to shop while providing them with a sense of value.

To create the best product bundle examples for your online boutique, start by analyzing your target market’s buying habits and preferences. Then, group complementary items that can be worn or used together, such as a winter bundle with a coat, scarf, and gloves. Ensure that the bundles are versatile and cater to different styles and occasions to appeal to a broader customer base.

Absolutely! Marketing the best product bundle examples effectively involves highlighting the value and convenience of the bundle. Use high-quality images and descriptions to showcase how the items complement each other. Promote your bundles through social media, email campaigns, and on your website’s homepage. Consider offering exclusive discounts or limited-time offers to create urgency and encourage purchases.

Yes, many fashion retailers have found success by using the best product bundle examples. For instance, a retailer might offer a ‘Work from Home’ bundle that includes comfortable loungewear sets, or a ‘Gym Starter Pack’ with activewear, a gym bag, and a water bottle. These retailers often see an increase in customer satisfaction and sales, as bundles make the shopping process simpler and more enticing.

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