Sell faster with easy bundles and quantity break offers for your multiple products.

A smart way to sell more products at maximum volume

Your customers will enjoy their buying experiences and be willing to spend more as they can purchase multiple products at lower prices. You can offer buyers quantity discounts for the same products or different products in any collection, and select multiple tiered pricing for them.

Product-based Volume offer

Get offer when buying SAME products in bulk.

Mix-n-match Volume offer

Get offer when buying DIFFERENT products in bulk


Compelling 02 volume table widget templates

Increase add-to-cart rate by showing the volume table with highlight tier and countdown timer in a flexible display & position. 02 templates available: Basic & Quantity Selector.

Combine app discounts with Shopify discount

Increase customers’ experiences by easily combining your store’s offer with other discounts

Store's sales badge

Captivate user attention with customizable sales badges as your brand image


1. What's the difference between Product-based and Mix-n-match strategy?

2. What's the difference between the Basic offer table or the Quantity Selector?

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