Our Team

Meet the entire team

Formerly was HappyPoints from HAMSA – a leading e-commerce solutions provider with many years of experience with the Shopify Ecosystem, WizzCommerce is proud to be born with a mission that is to help e-commerce businesses grow via apps as solutions.

Our belief

At Wizz, we believe there is a better way to make e-commerce better for everyone. We’re obsessively passionate about it and our mission is to help sellers achieve it.

Our focus

We focus on promotional firm. It’s the most effective and most transparent aspects for a high-converting e-commerce store, and we see that as an opportunity. We’re excited to simplify the process of creating promotions for everyone through our solutions.

Our Shopify Apps


discount bogo & free gift
Maximize your store’s sales & conversion with discount campaigns: BOGO, Free Gift, Flash Sale. We level up the conversion game by providing a seamless experience.​


SALE+ is an easy-to-use tools to run flash sale campaigns. You can apply discounted price on products, collections and display a countdown timer for higher conversion.